what we offer

Unlike established expert networks where you can tap the expertise of individuals across a vast range of subject matter, the power of Mixing Board is the combined perspective and expertise of an expert community that has been curated to provide complementary skills and experiences.


Our community sources the best comms and brand marketing talent for senior-level roles:

  • Full-time
  • Interim/fractional
  • Consultant

Full-time candidates are personally recommended by Mixing Board members. Suggested interim, fractional and consultant candidates are often Mixing Board members themselves.


We provide access to an unparalleled community of empathetic expert advisors.


Comms and marketing leaders are thoughtfully paired with a Mixing Board member who serves as a dedicated mentor and advisor.

Through planned sessions and quick guidance in between, mentors help current and rising leaders navigate both their day to day and the big things that come up along the way.

Some organizations may focus on supporting the head of a function. Some may support multiple practitioners. And, some may choose to provide a mentor to a team-member with a specific opportunity to grow.


Everything in the Mentor offering plus access to Mixing Board subject matter experts to support evolving needs.

This could range from topics including brand strategy, owned content, international regions, crisis comms, exec comms, government affairs, investor relations, building community and so on.


2-3 complementary Mixing Board members with relevant expertise brought specifically together to help through a big moment.

Members will be available to brainstorm, provide suggestions on positioning, consider and review plans, give their takes on tactical suggestions and provide quick feedback as needed over a three month or less period.

Additional Offerings

We also provide custom programs that focus on:

  • Team Development
  • Story + Strategy
  • Organizational Design + Alignment

Subscribers are able to approve suggested members for engagements. They also can access exclusive community services at a discount, including talent sourcing, workshops, and custom programs.