Our Community

Our nearly 200 members have been heads of comms at places like Intel, Peloton, Etsy, Twitter, Instagram, Glossier and Netflix. They’ve run marketing at companies including LinkedIn, Google Ventures, Dunkin’ Brands, Slack and Nextdoor.

They’ve been President Obama’s chief speechwriter, head of global marketing at Airbnb, a creative director at Oatly, head programming and strategy at SXSW, and a leader focused on innovation and membership at Nike.

And, they’ve led product comms, crisis comms, corporate comms, consumer comms, policy comms and internal comms at places like Lyft, Dyson, Google, IBM, Uber, Disney, Adobe, AllBirds, Amex, NBCUniversal, Pinterest, Apple, Amazon, AMC Networks and many earlier stage businesses.


Current Mixing Board members nominate the majority of new members to the community and are guided by the following criteria:

  • Leadership experiences that provide lessons to others
  • A mastery of a skill that others in the community would benefit from
  • Diverse perspectives and experiences
  • A demonstrated interest in elevating the craft and raising up other practitioners

Since we strongly believe that building a diverse community is essential to meeting our mission of raising the collective value of our industry, we will always consider new members with no association to current members who can add a diverse perspective or bring in a different life experience. This includes practitioners from under-represented communities, those from different places in the world, or those who work in a sector unfamiliar to many in the community.

There is a set number of new members that we are able to add in any given quarter.

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