Our Talent Network

Our community provides recommendations for those seeking senior leaders or top consultants in comms and marketing.

Each Mixing Board member brings to the community a large network of personal connections who we’ve worked with and trusted over many years. Among our 300+ members, we may have the best collective network in comms and marketing that exists.

We’ve replaced the “can I pick your brain about possible candidates” request that so many of us get with a more professionalized talent sourcing method. This provides a more meaningful way to partner with our Mixing Board network to achieve the perfect fit for each career opportunity.

How It Works

Organizations come to us with full-time or project roles that need senior-level comms and marketing talent. We approach our members with the opportunity and generally can compile a strong batch of recommendations in two or three weeks—and this may include members even suggesting themselves. We also can tap the 700+ members of our sister community, Comm(s)unity, and leverage our social and content channels.

Full-time Roles


Organizations leverage our community to quickly receive qualified candidates for open roles.

We charge $5,000 to tap the community, and, depending on level, a $20,000–$30,000 referral fee if a suggested candidate is hired.

For an additional $5,000, there is an option to work with a Mixing Board member who will help the hiring organization define the scope of the role and what success looks like before the role is presented to our members.

Project Roles

Our community recommends senior and specialized consultants, interim/fractional leaders and agency partners.

If a suggested consultant is hired, we charge a $5,000 referral fee.

Submit your opportunity and we’ll soon get back to you with next steps.